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The Best Tours in Picton and the Marlborough Sounds!

Picton is where the Interislander ferry journey starts/ends at the top of the South Island and is home to world-class experiences.

Popular Picton Shore Excursions

👉 Swim with wild dolphins!

👉 Visit a predator-free wildlife sanctuary

👉 Touch a 1000-year-old Totara

👉Re-trace the steps of Captain Cook at Ship Cove

Best of all, we have a 100% money-back 'No SeaSickness Guarantee' on ALL our sea tours.

The super calm waters of the Marlborough Sounds allow us to do this, and it's a guarantee that no one else is willing or able to offer!

You Will Never Miss Your Ferry
Our tour schedules are integrated with the Interislander - so there is no chance that you'll miss your ferry.

Wondering What are the Best Things to Do in Picton?

What makes Picton a standout town in the whole of the South Island is its position, which makes for plenty of things to do in Picton. As is often the case in our noble, historic country, original names give a sense of heritage that takes us back to better days, to times when life was a fresher, more raw experience, as opposed to the current concrete-clad, air-conditioned state of affairs. Picton’s Maori name is Waitohi, which translates as waters of the tohi, a ritual baptism for warriors about to go into battle. While our own era has plenty to be proud of, from advances in medical science to a long-overdue respect for the planet and all its occupants, it’s hard to imagine a ritual for suburban office workers about to go to work.

Killer Whale in Picton

Dolphins withThis is our year-round Dolphin watching tour to watch one of the 5 species of Dolphin locally. Join us for a fascinating Dolphin Watching Tour! We cruise through the calm, beautiful, majestic Queen Charlotte Sound, seeing various marine wildlife.

  • No Seasickness Guarantee
  • Travel with E-Ko and Support local Conservation efforts
  • 5 species Possible , Bottlenose, Dusky , Common, Hector and Orca.
  • Learn How to Spot Dolphinswith your own Binoculars
  • FREE High images
  • NZ Fur Seals and Penguins
  • Albatross and Seabirds
  • Complimentary Hot Drinks , Biscuits
  • Fully Guided by Experienced Experts

Dolphins withOur Motuara Island Sanctuary and Dolphin Watching Tour is our most popular tour. On this adventure you'll see more wild life than almost anywhere else.

We'll be looking for:

  • Wild Dolphins - Hectors, Bottlenose and more.
  • Little Blue Penguins
  • Fluttering Shearwaters
  • White Fronted Turn
  • The rare (endangered King Shag)
  • Australasian Gannets
  • New Zealand Fur Seals
  • Bellbird
  • New Zealand Wood Pigeon
  • Rowi Kiwi
  • Learn How to Spot Dolphinswith your own Binoculars
    FREE High images
    NZ Fur Seals and Penguins
    Albatross and Seabirds
    Complimentary Hot Drinks , Biscuits
    Fully Guided by Experienced Experts

Swim With Dolphins!

This is NZ’s best dolphin swimming experience in the shimmering, flat waters of the scenic Marlborough Sounds.

Swimming with wild dolphins is a genuine bucket list activity – we never get tired of seeing the joy and wonder on the faces of our swimmers!

Hire An E-Moped

Hire an e-moped e from our shop and take a cruise around Picton in the coolest way possible - without breaking a sweat.

We have high quality e-mopeds for hire at just $50 per hour.


The Best Experience

✓ Exclusive No SeaSickness Guarantee
✓ Experience Wild Dolphins
✓ Free Wi-Fi
✓ 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal
✓ Perfect for families - the kids will love it!
✓ Fully Guided - we don't leave you on your own


Free Wi-Fi

We are located just minutes from the Interislander ferry terminal, and when you are at our shop, you can use our free Wi-Fi (it's fast!) and you can grab a coffee or tea from our shop to chill out while you're relaxing on our deck, overlooking the water.

E-Ko Tours lets you experience Picton/Marlborough better than the rest!

As for Picton activities, in this town, it’s not so much what you can do within its nine square kilometres – although you can hire an e-moped and have a leisurely pootle around the place to see what there is- but more what you can start from here. Picton is a hub. Set on the glistening, peaceful Queen Charlotte Track, Picton has the glory of the water (and its practical role in providing access) on one side and the verdant splendour of the hills and mountains on the other. Picton shore activities are based on observing and appreciating the plants and wildlife that inhabit this fabulous area. Thus, things to do in Picton, New Zealand, would be better phrased as things to do from Picton.

What do Picton Activities Offer as Regards Excitement?

That all depends on what you class as exciting. To a nature-lover, there is a thrill in seeing species you’ve never even heard of before, or perhaps you’ve heard the name and seen pictures but never seen them in the flesh, up close and personal. Birdwatchers are a prime example of those who derive excitement from the mere presence of a creature, perhaps marvelling at how it came there. But you don’t have to be any kind of a specialist to enjoy such pleasures. Our knowledgeable, accredited guides will give you all the info, so you’ll know what you’re looking at and why it is notable. Picton shore excursions contain an element of education, and we are all enriched by learning something new, especially when going on an endangered species tour. Read More

Do Things to Do in Picton, New Zealand Provide Lasting Memories?

That is exactly what Picton activities and Picton shore excursions do. A great vacation involves more than just the pleasure of the moment. It is the ability to recall it, to think about it, tell other people about it and try to share some of the pleasure with them by virtue of your memory and powers of description. You should have seen this, or You’d have loved that. And of course, we’re all photographers these days. There may be fewer people with professional-looking, long-lensed cameras around their necks actively searching for "wildlife photography tours", but that’s because we all have a camera in our pocket or bag, our phone possessing image-capturing technology that was unimaginable back in the days when such devices were bulky, or even during the era of the compact unit the size of a small packet of crackers.

How Can I Choose Things to Do in Picton?

Just fill in the online form, email us or call us and we can explain what’s available and discuss what would suit you and your party. So contact E-Ko Tours today and let’s plan your wildlife eco tours itinerary together. Read less

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