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E-Ko Bio-Security Plan  


E-ko Procedures for Predator FREE Island Bio Security.  


Picton Biosecurity Officer Contact Details. 


Aubrey Tai 
Ranger Supervisor, Biodiversity  -  Kaitiaki Tauawhi, Kanorau Koiora
Department of Conservation – Te Papa Atawhai 
DDI: +64 3 520 3002  

Mobile : 0272919143 

Picton Field Base 
PO Box 161, Picton 7250  



Our Bio-Security measures are set out in Sections 1-4 . 


Section 1 – Guided Walks under 1 hour (Daily Tours)  

Section 2 – Drop Off or Guided Over 1 hour not overnight 

Section 3 – Overnight stay on the Islands 

Section 4 – Researcher to Islands  


Customer Pre-Tour Information.  

 1A PDF copy of Biosecurity Flyer to be sent to every customer who books a Wildlife Experience that involves a period spent on a Predator FREE Island Sanctuary. 

 2 . Customers Directed to E-Ko Pest Free Island Bio-Security Plan page on the website by a Link 

4 . Researchers to contact local DOC office for Biosecurity checks.


Actions Pre -Departure  

For Motuara island :

A. We ask all customers to leave all bags on board as far as practical to minimize Biosecurity Risk. 

B. Do not take any food, just Liquid to drink. 


For Blumine Island :

A. Clean your shoes/boots of dirt and seeds. Check the soles, laces and tongues of shoes for any seeds. Scrub footwear worn in the bush on the mainland in soapy water. 

B. Shake out your pack/bag and check the inside, including the pockets. Make sure there are no holes. Ensure packed bags are zipped and done up tightly. 

C. Check your woolly socks, woolen clothing, and velcro closures for seeds.

D. Once youve checked your gear put it in a pack/bag with a zip and do up tightly. 

E. Check any bedding, including shaking out your sleeping bag and packing it inside another closed bag – not inside the stuff sack. 

F. Shake out and check camping gear thoroughly. Pack into bags with zips and do uptight. Camping only allowed on islands with official campsites. 

G.  Check your boat/kayak. It’s a good idea to keep a couple of baited traps on board at all times. 


Guests asked at Check-in if they have cleaned and self-checked equipment for Bio-Security measures. 

Customers Shown Printed Laminated Bio-Security Schedule and to follow instructions and use of Bio Security Cleaning Equipment supplied in the shop before departure if they have not completed.

  1. Laminated Copy of Items to look for, Argentine ants, plague skinks, weeds, and seeds. Picture Form.  
  1. Customers are given Biosecurity advice in Pre-tour Trip Briefing. 
  1. Bio-Security equipment available onboard 


Bio-Security Cleaning Equipment Items in Kit. 


  1. A scrubbing/nail  brush and 
  2. SteriGene spray bottle (1:50) for boots would be a good start.  
  3. Possibly tweezers for picking out seeds,  
  4. small hard bristle brush for Velcro and  
  5. disposable cloths to wipe off dirt. 


Bio -Security Cleaning Kit Locations. 


  1. E-Ko Shop  
  1. MV Delphinus in Front Left Cabin.  
  1. MV Miss Te Rawa under Aft Left Seat.  


Mice and Rodent Control. 


Traps are located on both Boats which are Checked Daily and marked on the Guides Daily Checklist.  

Traps reviewed by the Department of Conservation during an annual inspection.  



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