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Queen Charlotte Track Day Walks

The Queen Charlotte Track is the best coastal track in New Zealand. The best part of the Track is from Ship Cove to Schoolhouse bay.

This location has a pristine natural forest that has been protected both by Maori and European. At E-ko we only supply the BEST possible local Tours so we have created a series of tours based around this location.

  1. Cheapest and BEST Track Drop to Ship Cove:  1.5 hours
  2. Motuara Island and Ship Cove. Walk the Best Part on Kupes Trail / Trees 1500 years old and Gourmet Linch and Wine/Beer included 🙂 (Guided / Sefl Guide / BEST of QCT -6 km only)       9.5 Hours

From wild dolphins to rare land birds to cute blue penguins and lazy seals - we've got them all! 🙂

Walk 6km instead of 17Km on Kupes Trail on Queen Charlotte Track

Best of all, we have a 100% money back 'No SeaSickness Guarantee' on all our sea tours. The super calm waters of the Marlborough Sounds allow us to do this, and it's a guarantee that no one else is willing or able to offer!

You Will Never Miss Your Ferry

Our tour schedules are integrated with the Interislander - so there is no chance that you'll miss your ferry.

Delphinus Docked at Ship Cove


  • CHEAPEST transport to Ship Cove
  • Fully guided transport with wildlife and dolphin stops
  • Experience Marlborough Sounds wildlife and scenery
  • For track walkers only and your packs - No bikes
  • Pick up available at Ships Cove at 1615
Kupes Trail lookout to motuara Island in Queen Charlotte Sound in 2023


  • Includes Motuara Island and Kupes Trail
  • Cruise calm sheltered waters of the Queen Charlotte Sound
  • Touch and be in awe of a 1500 year old Totara Tree our Kaitakai (Guardian)
  • Onboard binoculars for viewing wildlife
  • Gourmet food supplied and wine that you do not carry 🙂
  • Full guided experience on premier wildlife sanctuary island
  • Walk the BEST 5km of the Queen Charlotte Track – Kupes Trail
  • Bottlenose, Common, Dusky, Hectors Dolphins and Orca
  • Travel with E-Ko and support local conservation efforts

A Queen Charlotte Day Walk is a Beautiful Walk on the Wild Side

The most easterly of the main sounds (straits or channels) that make up the Marlborough Sounds, Queen Charlotte Sound is where E-Ko Tours plies its trade. Along the edge of the sound is a lush landscape of hills and forests, so, in addition to our Marlborough Sounds Cruises, we offer Queen Charlotte track day walks. It’s the perfect way for a visitor to experience the incredible natural beauty of the area. Read More

Call it a Queen Charlotte day walk or a Queen Charlotte day track, you will be at one with creation, absorbed in the wonders of nature, to emerge at the end with memories of plants and creatures you may never have been aware of before. It’s an experience that is both cleansing and invigorating, not to mention educational, as our qualified Queen Charlotte Track Guides will explain the geology and the wildlife, with all the background you need to better understand this fabulous part of a wonderful country.

How You Can Contribute to Conservation While Day Walking on the Queen Charlotte Track

We set up the E-Ko Conservation Fund, so by coming on our tours, part of your money goes towards local conservation efforts. We have the highest national and international environmental certifications, so we are very much at the forefront of the responsible tourism movement. In addition, we have partnered with the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA), the body dedicated to the welfare of dolphins, porpoises and whales. Our guides are trained and WCA-qualified, so you’ll be in good, responsible and knowledgeable hands.

Who are King Shag and Hector?

Our nature and wildlife tours have a light-hearted side that we hope counterbalances the serious intensity of our mission. We are wildlife correct, not politically correct, and these two characters, fictional members of our team, represent two endangered species. The King Shag, with an estimated global population of only 700, is a local resident that can be seen diving into the sea in search of food, while Hector’s Dolphin lives around here almost exclusively and there are thought to be only 30 left. Those are shocking figures and illustrate that, while the world has become more eco-aware in recent decades, these and all the others are real creatures in real danger of disappearing if people like us – and that includes you - don’t do something about it. When you see such beauties up close, it will alter your perception of conservation; it’s not just facts and figures, but a genuine matter of life or death. A day walk on Queen Charlotte track could change your life.

Are Queen Charlotte Track Day Walks Strenuous?

These are not hikes or bootcamps. On land we offer short walks and birding tours, so a day walk on Queen Charlotte track is a pleasure for the vast majority of people, a gentle stroll through an earthly paradise.

Where can I get Full Details of Day Walks on Queen Charlotte Track?

Contact us through the online form, send us an email or give us a call. We will give you all the information you need and help you decide which of our walking tours NZ or Picton Marlborough Sounds cruise will suit you best. Or take all of them, if you wish – there is no finer way to spend your leisure time than by getting back to nature. Read less

Hire An E-Moped

Hire an e-moped e from our shop and take a cruise around Picton in the coolest way possible - without breaking a sweat.

We have high quality e-mopeds for hire at just $50 per hour.


The Best Experience

✓ Exclusive No SeaSickness Guarantee
✓ Experience Wild Dolphins
✓ Free Wi-Fi
✓ 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal
✓ Perfect for families - the kids will love it!
✓ Fully Guided - we don't leave you on your own


Free Coffee and Wi-Fi

We are located just minutes from the Interislander ferry terminal, and when you are at our shop, you can use our free Wi-Fi (it's fast!) and customers can enjoy a free coffee or tea.

E-Ko Tours lets you experience Picton/Marlborough better than the rest

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