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Endangered Species Konservation Organisation (E-Ko)


HOPE for the Future Survival of our Endangered Species through pragmatic and proactive Regenerative Tourism that Gives Back. We Show New Zealand Tourists there is a NEW way to embrace our Kiwi Conservation beliefs.

We get close-up images and give amazing Fun unique small group experiences through our WCA Trained and Certified Guides. On every tour, we see Endangered Species.

When you come with us you are HELPING the Environment, Endangered Species, and our Community.

Our mantra, Adventures for your Soul, means we walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

E-ko is a Tourism Disrupter to provide TRUE Regenerative Tourism and will lead the path forward by HELPING to support Projects that increase the numbers of our Endangered Species – join us on this Journey.

2% of all our proceeds as a business go back to the E-Ko Fund for use on the projects below and sponsorship give back another 3% Direct to building that HOPE of a brighter future for our Planet.

To apply to the E-Ko Fund, send details to

Join E-ko to HELP save the Plant by creating

HOPE for the Future of our Endangered Species 


E-Ko Conservation Fund

Giving back to the land, the sea and the community has been at the heart of E-Ko since day one.

The water cycle here connects the land and the sea together. To enhance the sea, we must first enhance our land.

This is a never-ending cycle that we are an integral part of and your support of E-Ko makes you a part of this infinite cycle.

Critically Endangered Bottelnose Dolphin in Queen Charlotte Sound in 2023
Critically Endangered King Shag only 730 in 2023
Critically Endangered Queen Charlotte Sound hectors Dolphins in 2023
Fluttering Shearwater in flight endangered species in Queen Charlotte Sound in 2023
Critically Endangered Orange Fronted Kakariki in 2023
Totara Tree in Queen Charlotte Sound on Kupes Trail over 1500 years old in 2023
Critically Endangered Rowi Kiwi in Queen Charlotte Sound in 2023

Who Exactly Do We Give To?

A portion of your ticket cost goes directly to the following organisations that are closely aligned with our values:

The Land

Kiwis for Kiwi - Building the kiwi population.

Birding New Zealand - promoting ecotourism and birdwatching in NZ on a sustainable ecological commercial basis.

Department of Conservation - the government agency charged with conserving NZ’s natural and historic heritage.

Sounds Enhancement Project - Planting Native Podoicarps with Totaras for Totaranui


The Sea

World Cetacean Alliance- the world’s largest marine conservation partnership.

Project Jonah -  creating a world where marine mammals are respected and protected.

Sounds Enhancement Project - Creating Artificial Reef to Feed Critically Endangered QC Hectors

Marine Mammal Research - E-Ko maintains daily the oldest data set in New Zealand.

The Community

Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary - a community project to restore this wildlife sanctuary.

Sounds Enhancement Project - Protect DolphinsWith a Community that cares, make a Safe Space for a Hectors Dolphin Nursery and Breeding

Tiaki Promise

We support the Tiaki Promise from Tourism New Zealand - a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations.

WCA Responsible Operator

E-Ko Tours was the very first World Cetacean Alliance dolphin swimming and viewing operation in New Zealand.

As the ONLY operator in Picton whose guests can swim with dolphins and view, our encounters are respectful and relaxed.

We use practices that allow the dolphins to choose whether they interact with our guests or not, and we constantly rotate the species that we swim with to minimise pressure on our local dolphins and ensure their well-being.

We are the only dolphin swimming company to REDUCE our swimming trips to reduce our effort on mammals. We have Reduced 80% of effort over 8 years.

With reduced effort then, the dolphins are very happy to see the limited number of people we take to enjoy them in their environment.

So we have happy people and happy dolphins.

As Kaitakitanga or guardians of the local environmental health of our wildlife are more important than profits.

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