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No SeaSickness Guarantee

Exclusive to E-Ko

Our promise to all our customers is quite simply that they will not suffer sea sickness on any of our tours – and E-Ko Tours is the ONLY operator in NZ that is prepared to guarantee this.

We’re so confident you won’t get sea sick that we carry no sea sicknes bags or tablets – we don’t need them.

If you do get sea sick, we’ll refund the full cost of your tour.  If you’re looking at other operators ask them if they are prepared to offer the same guarantee!

We have dozens of reviews on Facebook and none of them mention sea sickness as an issue.

Why are we so confident?

  • We’ve been running world class tours in the Queen Charlotte sound for 25 years and have never had a guest sea-sick.
  • The Marlborough Sounds are very narrow and swell (which causes nausea) is not really possible due to the confined space for wind to blow.
  • We have lots of calm sheltered bays and headlands to go to.
  • We take small groups in comfortable boats and do not overload them.
  • Our captains are highly trained to make sure you have the smoothest ride, customer comfort is a high priority for us.
  • We are the only operator permitted to swim with Dolphins in the beatutiful Marlborough Sounds.

This is just part of the reason why our tours are unlike any other New Zealand marine experiences.

So, if you think you’ll get sea sick, we challenge you to join us on a tour and experience an adventure in comfort (and style) where they only thing you need to worry about is how many wildlife photo’s you’ll take.

See you soon 🙂

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