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E-Moped Hire


    • High Quality NZ E-Moped
  • A Cool open faced Helmet with shaded Visor
  • Local Maps to get you started!
  • Picnic Hamper (extra)
  • HELP Save the Endangered Species (Taonga)

    See how your money gets used for Local Conservation

    Tour info in brief

    1-2 Hours
    Pricing: Adult: 16+ From $40
    Child: NA
    Infant: NA
    Location: 1 Wellington Street, Picton
    Briefing: 30 minutes before Booking

    No Seasickness Guarantee

    FREE Photos

    About the Tour

    The super easy and eco friendly way to travel

    As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism, we’ve invested in world class e-mopeds. These bikes are 100% electric – no pedalling at all. We believe ‘e-transport’ is the way of the future and we want to bring it to travellers and locals alike. So, if you want to see the best of the wider Picton area, this is the easy way to do it. 🙂


    What to expect

    The e-moped revolution is here!

    We’ll help you get started with a demo of how the bikes work. If you can ride a ‘normal’ bicycle then you should be able to ride our e-mopeds within a few minutes – our team are on hand to help, and we have a short instructional video that covers the basics. Unlike many e-scooter hire operations, we supply you with a helmet. Please note you will need a full drivers licence and a credit card in order to hire the e-mopeds. Pricing

    • 45 minutes: $40
    • 60 minutes: $50
    • 90 minutes: $60
    • 120 minutes: $75

    Please note that a $2000 bond will be held on your credit card in the unlikely event of any accidents.

    What to bring

    • Your full photo drivers licence
    • Sunblock
    • Shoes
    • Sunglasses

    Where are we?

    We are located conveniently on Picton’s main waterfront with car parking close by and only a 1-minute walk from the main street.

    Just look for the Dusky Dolphin outside our shop.

    Before your tour starts feel free to take a seat inside the shop or outside on our sun drenched deck and enjoy the stunning views.

    Customers can also get online with our free WiFi, and purchase a tea or coffee to enjoy on the deck.

    You will Never Miss your Ferry

    Our tour schedules are integrated with the Interislander – so there is no chance that you’ll miss your ferry.

    What people are saying about us

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