Orange-fronted parakeets are small, green, long-tailed parakeets with a bluish tint to their plumage, and azure blue on their outer primaries and primary coverts. The crown is lemon yellow, and the frontal band above the eyes is orange, as are patches on either side of the rump. Colours tend to be brighter in males. Juveniles are duller, especially the frontal band and crown patch, which may be absent.

Voice: most often a loud chatter call, of varying intensity and length. When a pair is together, softer contact calls are commonly heard, sometimes in addition to squeaks and churring. Calls made during courtship feeding and mating are quite distinctive, and comprised of single notes.

Similar species: can be easily confused with the yellow-crowned parakeet, especially when juveniles are present. Yellow-crowned parakeets have a crimson frontal band and rump patches. A clear view of the frontal band or rump patch is required to accurately separate the two species. Identifying fledgling parakeets is particularly difficult, as their heads have very little coloration. The calls of the two species are very similar.