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Certified Responsible whale watching

Certified Responsible whale watching




A World where cetaceans are only found in the wild, are respected and fully protected, and live in sustainable habitats and in harmony with people everywhere.


The WCA is the world’s largest marine conservation partnership. WCA Partners are businesses, individuals, NGO’s, performers, lawyers, artists, (just to name a few) working across the world on a united mission to protect our oceans and the communities that rely on them.120 Partners World Wide.


Want a New Zealand Essential Skills Visa?

The WCA Level 2 Certified Marine Guide Certificate is also accepted by New Zealand Immigration to allow you to apply for an Essential Skills VISA to live and work in New Zealand 🙂 We have a Skill shortage here and Need Qualified Marine Guides.


If you love Dolphins and Whales then turn your passion into a Professional Career.

20 Million People a year Visit Cetacean Experiences, 25% of them or 4 million people will remember the WCA message, become a WCA Guide, and share that passion for a rewarding and meaningful life.

Why become a WCA Marine Guide ?

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WCA Training System Level 1 - 5 Guide Courses below

WCA Training System                     Whom Should  Apply?


Level 1 - RWD Guide                                                          Love Dolphins and Whales?

Level 2 - Certified Marine Guide                                    Want to Get paid/ Start a Career

Level 3 - Senior Marine Guide                                        Experienced Guide

Level4 - Guide Trainer                                                      Pass on Knowledge

Level 5 - Course Director                                                 Management and Direction

Level 6 - WCA Global Council                                        Become a Leader and Protector


See below WCA Professional Guide Career Path and a List of Requirement to move from Level 1-5

Level 6 of Leader and Protector is by appointment through WCA Global Council

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WCA Training System - Guide Career Path

WCA Path No 1
WCA Path No 2
WCA Path No 3