Senior Marine Guide Course (SMG)


Do you have a love of marine animals?

Would you love to share that passion with people from all over the world?

Then you should become a qualified tour guide - and get paid to do what you love!

The WCA Level 2 CMG Certificate is also accepted by New Zeland Immigration to allow you to apply for an Essential Skills VISA to live and work in New Zealand 🙂

NOW available in 2020;  RWDG Course Online

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WCA Training System

Level 1 - RWD Guide

Level 2 - Certified Marine Guide

Level 3 - Senior Marine Guide

Level4 - Guide Trainer

Level 5 - Course Director

Level 6 - WCA Global Council


WCA Quality Assurance and Global Partnership 


E-Ko Tours has been selected by the World Cetacean Alliance to offer a series of qualifications offering career progression as a marine guide. From Level 1 to Level 5.

These Qualifications be recognized by all 120 partners of the World Cetacean Alliance - meaning your qualification can take you all over the globe.

These qualifications will build on existing courses offered by WCA partners wherever possible with the intention of ensuring consistency and trust for partners, for employees and all concerned with responsible tourism.

These courses ensure maximum applicability to other work situations, to opportunities through life-skill development and, through the prestige within the quality assurance systems, to other industries, too.


Senior Marine Guide Online Course - NOW in 2020 - Experienced Guide Certification . Global release Special $199

Senior Marine Guide Josephine
Senior Marine Guide Miranda

WCA Senior Marine Guide Course

Professional Level 3



Level 3 - Complete 12 Months as a WCA Level 2 Guide; $199. NZD

Level 3- Have 24 Months Experience as a Marine Guide  $199 NZD

Level3 -have 36 Months of Experience in a similar Industry - apply by email.



Online Course, 10 hours of WCA Training System learning

Online Course 10 hours of Species Specialty, Expert Guiding skills Training

1 hour of online Video Assessment and Review with Guide Trainer

1 Hour of Video Exam with Course Director

Extra tuition available at $50 an hour



E-Ko Tours

No 1 Wellington Street

Picton, New Zealand,

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Online Course can be started at any time from any location on the Planet 🙂

Guide Trainer available Monday to Saturday, 0800 - 2000

Appointments confirmed by email.

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Have your Experience recognized and become Certified by the WCA


  • Career advancement as a professional Marine Guide
  • Recognition of your existing experience and skills
  • Focus on self-improvement and awareness of your attributes as a guide
  • Entry to WCA Recruitment page as an SMG Guide
  • Download WCA Training Record Book (TRB)
  • Record Valuable Sea time in TRB
  • Record WCA Training in TRB.
  • WCA Certified Marine Guide Certificate (CMG)
  • Option to apply for Essential Skills Visa to live and work in NZ
  • Individual Partner membership alongside the world’s experts on whales and dolphins (worth £100!)
  • Option to get involved with Partner working groups


  • WCA Global Best Practice and local legislation (WCA Specialty)
  • Expert tips and advanced guiding techniques focused on self-improvement (effective communication, expert delivery of tour content, facts and information)
  • How to deliver excellent quality commentary that is engaging, even in the absence of wildlife or in difficult situations
  • Expert customer service skills
  • Methods for self-improvement as a marine guide
  • How to advance your career in the industry
  • Senior marine guide responsibilities and expected capabilities


  • Demonstrate you have worked a minimum of 12 months as a Certified Marine Guide with a WCA partner


  • Demonstrate you have been fully employed a Marine Guide for 24 months prior to learning
  • Have extensive knowledge of 10 WCA specialties
  • Independently undertake full guiding trips, be able to work with and instruct/direct a second or assisting guide
  • Be proficient at completing various checklist systems and assist in making sure other staff are utilising these effectively
  • Supervise/delegate and work as a team with fellow guides, captains and other staff members to ensure that all tasks are completed in full
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Deliver excellent quality commentary that is relevant, factual, and engaging, even in the absence of wildlife or in difficult situations
  • Advanced guiding techniques, focused on continued self-improvement
  • Have a wide knowledge base on marine species encountered during tours, with an extended focus on delivery, content, and style
  • Quickly and accurately identify animal behaviours, respond accordingly, and be able to assert when an approach is not suitable
  • Fully understand and assert WCA best practice and local legislation on how to behave around marine mammals

Location, Facilities and Online Materials

Certified Marine Guides on WCA Course
WCA GUIDE Study at Home
NZ Regulatiosn around Mammals
Certified Responsible whale watching
Wildlife Spotting

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Senior Marine Guide Miranda
Senior Marine Guide Josephine

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