GT Miranda Van De Linde

Email Address: e-kotraining@e-ko.nz
Phone: 028765431
Location: Picton , New Zealand
Available: No

Personal Statement:

My Life has revolved around Whales and Dolphins. Now imparting that Knowledge through the WCA Guide Training system has invigorated my passion for the Cetacean World.
Now I am focused on Training and installing the WCA message into New Guides to ignite their passion.

WCA Endorsements:
Whale Viewing
Dolphin Swimming
Dolphin Viewing
Sea Birds
Guest Services
Marine Science
Guide Certificate WCA
First Aid Certificate
Social Media Skills

Other Qualifications:

WCA Guide Career Path & Training Record Book

My Career Path is now heading towards becoming a Course Director with the WCA and growing the System to a Quality Global Standard for Guides.