Certified Marine Guide Course (CMG)


Do you have a love of marine animals?

Would you love to share that passion with people from all over the world?

Then you should become a qualified tour guide - and get paid to do what you love!

The WCA Level 2 CMG Certificate is also accepted by New Zeland Immigration to allow you to apply for an Essential Skills VISA to live and work in New Zealand 🙂

NOW available in 2020;  RWDG Course Online

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WCA Training System

Level 1 - RWD Guide

Level 2 - Certified Marine Guide

Level 3 - Senior Marine Guide

Level4 - Guide Trainer

Level 5 - Course Director

Level 6 - WCA Global Council


WCA Quality Assurance and Global Partnership 


E-Ko Tours has been selected by the World Cetacean Alliance to offer a series of qualifications offering career progression as a marine guide. From Level 1 to Level 5.

These Qualifications be recognized by all 120 partners of the World Cetacean Alliance - meaning your qualification can take you all over the globe.

These qualifications will build on existing courses offered by WCA partners wherever possible with the intention of ensuring consistency and trust for partners, for employees and all concerned with responsible tourism.

These courses ensure maximum applicability to other work situations, to opportunities through life-skill development and, through the prestige within the quality assurance systems, to other industries, too.


Certified Marine Guide Practical Course - NOW in 2020 - 5 Days Practical training . Global release Special $799

Certified Guide Emma Lack
Certified Guide Paola
Certified Guide Ria Loveder
Certified Marine Guide Courtenay Clemett
Certified Marine Guide Catlin Pauling
Certified Marine Guide Emma Thomas
Certified Marine Guides on WCA Course
WCA Certified Marien Guide Niki Henson
Certified Guide Annemiek Wolse

WCA Certified Marine Guide Course

Professional Level 2



Level 1 - Online RWD Guide Course: NZD $199 ( required )

Level 2- Practical CMG Guide Course 5 - Days at WCA Training Facility: NZD $799



Online Course: Approximately 40 hours

Practical Course: 5 days. 8 am to 1800 Daily.  45 hours of Practical Training

5 Dolphin Watching tours from 1330pm to 1530pm, Practice on Actual Tours with Customers



E-Ko Tours

No 1 Wellington Street

Picton, New Zealand,

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2020 Dates

September       28th-2nd ( Fully Booked )

October             19th-23rd ( Fully Booked )

November         23rd-27th ( 2 Spaces left)


2021 Dates

January             18th-22nd                 ( 4 Spaces left)

February           8th-12th or                 22nd-26th

March               8th-12th or                 22nd-26th

April                  5th-9th or                  19th-23rd

May                   3rd-7th or                  17th-21st

BOOK NOW to become a CMG Guide

Start a Rewarding Career working with Dolphins and Whales


  • Lectures and training from seasoned Professionals
  • Individual Partner Membership alongside the world’s experts on whales and dolphins (worth £100!)
  • Option to get involved with WCA Partner working groups
  • Exclusive access to WCA Whale Champions community for a year.
  • Quality Covered WCA Training Record Book
  • Gain valuable Sea time signed off as Crew.
  • Learn how to apply a Check List System to reduce stress
  • 5 Tours out enjoying Dolphin or Whale Watching worth $645
  • 50% Discount on any E-Ko Tours for 2 Years
  • WCA Certified Marine Guide Certificate (CMG)
  • Option to apply for Essential Skills Visa to live and work in NZ.
  • Listing on the WCA Guide CMG Recruitment page.
  • Access to 120 WCA Partners Worldwide
  • Individual Partner membership alongside the world’s experts on whales and dolphins (worth $130!)
  • Option to get involved with Partner working groups
  • Total Value back to you $830 in Benefits


  • Complete 3 Core WCA Specialty Courses.
  • Complete 3 WCA Marine Mammal Specialty Courses.
  • How to Identify Cetaceans at Sea with a Team
  • Learn how to act in a Responsible and sustainable manner around wild animals.
  • Learn to understand and identify animal behaviors – particularly dolphins.
  • Learn how to apply the WCA Global Guidelines in Practice.
  • Binocular Training in a Team – become proficient and valuable.
  • Learn Guiding Techniques from Seasoned Professionals
  • Learn Communication and Presentation and Practice.
  • How to Deliver Cetacean Content and Practice.
  • Responsible Tourism and WCA practices.
  • Boat work and Seamanship in Practice.


  • Complete the Online Course before attending a 5-day Practical Course
  • Attend and pass a 5-day Practical Course
  • Undertake tasks required of a crew member onboard the boat, working as a team with fellow guides and the captain
  • Work according to the various checklist systems
  • Use proper searching techniques for dolphins and other wildlife
  • Adequately spot, identify and distinguish between species
  • Deliver commentary on principal species of marine mammals and seabirds encountered during tours
  • Identify and understand animal behaviour, particularly cetaceans
  • Become familiar with WCA best practices and local legislation on how to behave around marine mammals.
  • Complete 5 specialties

Location, Facilities and Materials

Certified Marine Guides on WCA Course
Orca Watching on WCA Guide Course
Want to be a Marine Guide
NZ Regulatiosn around Mammals
Looking for Whales and Dolp
Queen Charlotte Sound Aerial
Dolphin Watching on Catamaran
Outer sounds islands aerial
Hectors Dolphins jumping

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Testimonials of Graduates

WCA Guide Recruitment. Contact Direct CMG Guides available for Work

Certified Marine Guides on WCA Course
Certified Guide Emma Lack
Certified Guide Danni Spencer
Certified Guide Ria Loveder
Certified Marine Guide Catlin Pauling
Certified Marine Guide Emma Thomas

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