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Whale Watching Tour

Humpback Breach in Cook strait


Only Available to limited Numbers. 14 passengers per tour  

5-6 hour tour , limited availability during Winter only 

Age Range :     16 - 95 


From June to August is a Fantastic time to go looking for whales in the Cook strait as it is the annual migration of the Baleen Species of Whales 


  • Humpback Whales    ( can be up to 15 per day )
  • Southern right whales
  • Fin Whales 
  • Blue Whales 
  • Orca 


Depart from Picton to Perano Whale Station for an immersive Experience 


  •  Hear and feel what a restored whale station is like . See Movie "Once were whalers " in restored recreation hall. Has original footage 


  • See Conservation in action as original Whalers tell their story on being involved with annual Whale Survey .

Head out into Cook Strait to Look for Whales 


  • Get your own set of Binoculars and help to find a Whale 


  • Experience what it is like to see migrating whales 


A fantastic opportunity for a limited number of people to fully immerse in a Whale experience , see and feel the History , see the Conservation in action and go out to see in a boat looking for the migrating giants .


Conditions Note :  Going out into Cook Strait is subject to acceptable weather conditions assessed on the day from the Whale Station. If NO whales sighted then a $50 refund given. 

Departures :  0800 - 1300  or 1230 - 1730 

Booking :   email -  info@e-ko.nz  or call 0064 (3) 5738040 


Commonly seen on this tour

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

(Tursiops truncatus)

Bottlenose dolphins are found throughout the world's oceans (except for extreme polar latitudes) and are frequent visitors to the Marlborough Sounds all year long. These dolphins move into the Sounds in large social groups, consisting of groups ranging from 2 - 60 individuals!

New Zealand Fur Seal

New Zealand Fur Seal

(Arctocephalus forsteri)

Population: about 200,000, half of which are in Australia.
Found on: rocky shores throughout mainland New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, and the Subantarctic islands, as well as parts of Australia.


Fur seals and sea lions are distinguished from other seals by their external ear flaps and hind flippers which rotate forward, allowing them to move quickly on land.

Departure Information

  • Duration

    5-6 hours
  • Briefing Time

    Viewing Only - 30 Minutes before tour departure


No 1 Wellington Street Picton
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  • Whale Watching Tour in Picton
  • Whale Station Experience
  • Whale Tour in Cook Strait
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Conservation Initiatives

Here at E-Ko Tours we are proud to follow the Marine Mammal Protection Act 1978 and the Marine Mammal Protection Regulations 1992. These ensure the marine mammals of New Zealand are protected and that their conservation is a top priority. Our interactions with the marine mammals of the Marlborough Sounds adhere to all regulations and our conservation focused tours are designed to educate and raise awareness about conservation in the Marlborough Sounds.