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    E-Ko News
    Author: E-Ko Tours
    March 31, 2018

Whale Watching Tour for Migrating Whales in Cook Strait 2017 NOW Extended until 20th August !


Whale Watching Tours 2017

Whales have been migrating through the Cook Strait for millions of years and are now returning to this traditional route to their summer feeding grounds. Humpback Whales, Blue Whales, Southern Right Whales  can be seen, and historically there were 10 whaling stations in this area to harvest the whales. The and most productive of these stations closed in 1964 and was run by the Perano family. Now it is the only restored whale station in New Zealand and one of the stops of our Whale Watching Tour .
You will depart Picton at 0800 and head down to the Department of Conservation (DOC) restored Perano Whale Station to look, see and feel real artifacts. An emersive experience where you can see the professional audio/ visual presentation in the restored recreation room. This room also now has actual perano family photos and also DOC information panels showing how life was for the workers, families and whales from 1920-1964.
Then head out with a small exclusive 14 passenger Whale Watching boat with your own set of binoculars and Whale ID card to find a whale . The boat will be guided from shore by our whale spotters whom will locate and direct us to a whale just as it was done for over 150 years . This is the only place in New Zealand were it is possible to be so close to shore and see the migrating giant baleen whales, maybe we will see the largest creature on the planet the Blue Whale. 
Written By E-Ko Tours. All Rights Reserved.
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