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    Hector's Dolphin in the Queen Charlotte Sound
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    Photo of the Week March 31st

    E-Ko News
    Author: E-Ko Tours
    March 31, 2018

We have had fantastic feedback and everyone has enjoyed seeing the Perano whaling station and then Migrating Humpbacks moving slowly past Tory channel. We only go out on CALM conditions and the Whales come close to land looking for us !

Below are some of the Positive comments and some people have come twice they enjoyed it so much !

Great Close encounters with the Humpbacks , whooh , what a rush !

Amazing story of the Whalers turning from hunters to conservationists 

So you have to walk all the way up that hill to spot whales for us , Glad I'm staying on the boat !

This is How we used to do it back in the Day , When Men were Men and Women loved them for it 

Time has moved on and thanks to the Generous Heberly Family (Whalers from 1830) we are able to look for Whales in Comfort !

                           So Hurry to Book in for the remaining 30 Days of the BEST Whale Watching Experience in NZ !

                                                                         Don't Delay Book Today !

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